From a single plane to a volume

Laure Calé combines various techniques, ranging from sculpture to installation, from graphics to mural painting, in order to create two or three-dimensional compositions in which the components freely evolve from a single plane to a volume. Favouring a playful and sensorial approach rather than an individual and purely descriptive vision, the exhibition space thus revisited becomes an œuvre in its self, allowing the art works to interact with the surrounding architecture. This constant switching between two and three-dimensional planes draws it’s sources as much from contemporary abstraction as from mathematical figures, geometric shape games and the art of folding.

Her work has mainly been presented in the form of Unidentified Coloured Objects, paintings in volume made from triangular canvas covered chassises, first painted and then assembled. The range of colour has progressively been reduced leaving only Black and White, between whom the game of contrast either highlights or contradicts the apparent simplicity of the object’s contours. The variety of textures and cutouts creates the nuances between the pieces, while the bi-chromacity radicalises the ensemble by giving it unity. Although Black and White subsequently hold an important place in Laure Calé’s work, she continues to explore colour in other projects : 25 Mood Shades, Chimeras